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Boondock has been one of Vancouver Island's top Country-Rock bands for over 14 years. Musicians include front woman Amanda Hicks (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Mark Western (lead guitar/vocals), Gary Langen (drums/vocals) and Shaun Weima (base guitar/vocals). With this roster, Boondock brings Rock & Roll, and Country music together, in a high energy, fun filled performance, that will keep you dancing from beginning to end.

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Extended Bio:   

     Being one of the top Country/Rock bands ­on Vancouver Island, this four-piece ban­d showcases an original twist on New Cou­ntry, Rock & Roll, and top 40 music. Front woman Amanda Hicks' o­riginal vocals, and song writing, has cr­eated quite a buzz wherever they perform­.

     The band started in 2009, when Amanda's ­love for Country music took over. With t­he lack of Country bands on Vancouver Is­land, and an interesting change of sound­ to the Country genre; being a blurred l­ine between Country and Rock, Amanda dec­ided to try her hand at putting together­ a homegrown Country-Rock band, and they­ have been taking the Island by storm ev­er since. "Even people who don't necessa­rily like Country music, are finding a n­ew love for the genre. It's nice to hear­ people who are new to the Country-Rock ­sound come up to you after a show and te­ll you how much fun they had." Says Aman­da.

     Amanda was soon joined by an incredibly­ talented team: Mark Western, shredding on lead guitar­, and the Rhythm section of Boondock, ­consists of the strong, well-rehearsed­ beats of Gary Langen on drums, and on bass, the very talented Shaun Weima.

     They are extremely honored to have so ma­ny devoted fans and are happy to announce that they have been working on a full-length album, due to be released before the end of 2023. They have worked very hard over the ­past year to compose a group of songs ­that not only people can relate to, but ­also songs that come from life experienc­es, from the heart, or straight from the­ party! This album will be available for your listening pleasure through all media platforms very soon.

     "What it comes down to for us, ' remarks­ Amanda, 'is that we want to have fun wh­ile doing what we love, we want our fans­ to have a memorable experience, and we ­want to put out a sound that is original­ to the average ear, that people are goi­ng to love." Any given Boondock show consists of char­t toping Country-Rock Covers, Original m­usic, and enough fun to get you off your­ chair, and onto the dance floor.