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  Known for being one of the top Country-Rock bands on Vancouver Island, Boondock is a very busy, high energy group. They released their first EP “Small Town” in 2015, and with the start of a new decade, comes new material! Boondock has been working towards their first full length Album, in hopes to release it before 2023, due to the pandemic pushing production back a bit. 
  Musicians include front woman Amanda Hicks (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), accompanied by an extremely talented band, consisting of Mark Western, (lead guitar), Gary Langen (drums) and all the way from Kingston Ontario, newly relocated to the Comox Valley, Shaun Weima (base). With this roster, Boondock brings Rock & Roll, and Country music together, in a high energy, fun filled performance, that will keep you dancing from beginning to end. 

  In any given performance, you can expect a variety of song genre's, but primarily sticking to the upbeat, danceable, new (and 90's/2000's) Country-Rock, with a  few Classic Rock, and top 40 songs.

  Boondock has been playing large festivals, private functions, and venues all over BC for the past 10 years, therefore, they have a tight, well rehearsed, professional sound. They are easy to work with, and offer a fun experience whether it be for a music festival, wedding, or a night club. 


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